This is my graduation project about how news changed over the past decade. The Dutch newspaper was a medium that focused on giving accurate information about a situation but now leads more towards a medium that needs to grab the attention of the reader with big headlines, just to sell the paper. In my research, printed as newspaper, I describe the shortcomings of newspapers and conclude that the reader has a big part in the problem as well as money and the rise of the internet. 
The concept was to imitate the way news works: I grab the attention of the reader by big headlines which all move across a huge wall and the reader will quickly get where the wall is about: the news and how it's manipulating. However, not many readers really read what it's really about, written in my newspaper. In the end they have a different and very shallow conclusion, because they didn't dive in the subject.
The message is that if you only read the headlines and rush to the news, you will never truly understand complex topics and situations.
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